The difference between statements made based on opinion and statements made based on proof, is that a statement made claiming to be true can and will be disproven or proven, while a statement made based on opinion will always remain the same statement.
Denying a proven or disproven statement simply because you do not agree is pure ignorance.

We often get confused by statements because they touch our own sense of reality, they appeal to our opinions. This is a simple marketing scheme, coke is better than pepsi because this beautiful blonde says so.

Often the statements we hear on television or social media are mixed with half truths and opinions. Take our politicians as a perfect example of this, they run their campaign on sparking our opinions of the world around us, while sprinkling in half truths about the things they think we want to hear. It's a very effective method of getting voters.

Mexicans are dirty rapists, a statement made to appeal to those who also think this about Mexicans. Sprinkle that opinion with a real problem of illegal immigration, and you have now successfully singled out an entire race of people and rallied a bunch of ignorant voters to your side.
The problem with this statement is that it's primarily based on opinion. One bad apple doesn't ruin a bunch, or does it? It's nonsense to say that it does. If I say that one bad apple has contaminated the entire bunch, because that's just how infections spread, so toss them all. This is a statement made with both opinion and half truths sprinkled on top. You could call it a word sundae, where the cherry on top is you diving right in and accepting it.

What is the purpose of this long ass written statement? Well I've grown tired of the Shit that exists in our society today. We value the opinions of those on the highest pedestals more than the truth. We seem to think that if a person is on tv, or has a million followers on facebook, that they must be legit.

How could a million people be wrong? How could the news be false? How can they lie to us every day?

They are wrong, they are false, and they do lie to us every day because we let them. We accept bullshit because it appears to appeal to our senses. We feel a connection to the message being sent. When we find out the message is bullshit, we are so caught up in our emotions that we could care less if we were just lied to or sold bullshit.

We are a prideful nation of people, and hate to admit we fucked up, but it's okay to learn new things. It's okay to accept new information when it's presented and proven as truth. We can't allow opinion to run this country or this planet. Opinions are bought and paid for by the highest bidder. Truth on the other hand will always have someone trying to prove it or disprove it. Science is a great example of this. If I claim to have turned lead into gold, I need to prove that. I need to show the method I've used to achieve this. If my method can't be reproduced, it's false. And scientists are quick to disprove something, but it is disproven only to find the truth.

How do you know you are receiving bullshit? Research. Ask questions. It's very simple really. Find sources outside the person presenting the message. If their message is legit, there will be facts to back it up.

I understand this is all very confusing, it's very difficult to accept you've been lied to for so long by people who are supposed to be leading you. The great thing is that it can stop. You have the power to find the truth.