The internet: A technology(not a place)designed for communication of thoughts and ideas. A tool used to spread knowledge and understanding of the world around us. An archive of all the world's current knowledge.

The truth: A place where people spread the ignorance of others as fact. A never ending advertisement of opinions and products. A place where any ignorant fuck can spout their opinions as solutions to the world's problems.

The sadness: We have instant access to facts and research. Previously people had to actually go to a library to learn something. Now, a vast majority of the world's collective knowledge is at our fingertips, yet we disregard this knowledge based on "likes" and "shares". The most "popular" opinions get spread like wildfire, continuing a decrease of intelligence. Even those who claim to do any type of research, simply grab the first thing google tells them is the answer they are looking for. Headlines become talking points, and the more extreme the headline, the more it spreads.

Of course, this is just the ramblings of another ignorant fuck on the internet.