Unless you live under a rock, and no disrespect to those that do, you cannot escape the term "politically correct" in today's media. It is being used daily by those that would attempt to make you believe they are just flexing their First Amendment Right of “free speech”. Hopefully these words I write will change the way you think about both.
I want to talk about interpretation before we touch anything else. This is a huge word, fourteen letters to be exact, thrown around as frequently as the above mentioned phrases. As humans, people with fully conscience brains, we consider interpretation as personal right. We are allowed to interpret anything, anyway we see fit. The problem with this, as my interpretation goes, is that we allow this word to skew things like facts.
Our great country, The United States of America, was founded on some pretty basic principles. The Constitution was written in a way to allow for the people of this country to be free. Free from control of others. Now it took some time for these principles to fully evolve into what we know today. Take slavery as an example, no disrespect to any slaves or slave owners that may read this, a major part of this country’s history. Slavery existed at the time of the writing of the Constitution, and unfortunately it took a few hundred years to be completely abolished.
We could easily argue, no disrespect to those that don’t argue, that slavery still exists today. Specifically among the citizens of this country, no disrespect to illegal citizens, one could argue we are slaves to capitalism. To survive is to work, no disrespect to those that don’t work, to work is to purchase things to survive. Of course I’m skewing the original identity of slavery in this country, as it is no secret that the majority of black people (no disrespect to light skinned, white skinned, yellow skinned) in the country at that time were slaves. As stated, it took time for the white people (no disrespect to the pale white people, or the olive skinned white people, or the tan white people) running the country to see the error of their ways. As time (no disrespect to metaphysics) went on those in charge saw the error of their ways and made changes to the Constitution. The thirteenth amendment ended slavery in this country.
This wasn’t a very popular opinion throughout the entire country though. Again that word interpretation rings to mind. There were people (no disrespect to the animals) in the Southern States that didn’t agree, and I’m positive we could find some people in the North who didn’t agree as well. See the great thing about the Government, and listen I use the word “Great” loosely when speaking about the Government, is that our Constitution makes and creates laws regardless if someone gets offended. It is a system in place to make sure that all people are treated fairly, regardless of gender, skin color, nationality, or religion.
This is where (no disrespect to those still reading the first few paragraphs) the First Amendment comes into play. Probably the most confused (no disrespect to those not confused) and misconstrued set of words in the English language (no disrespect to other translations).

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”
The most interesting (no disrespect to those not interested) thing happens when you explain to people that the first amendment doesn’t give us the right to say whatever we want. Like little puppies (no disrespect to little kittens) they will cock their heads in befuddlement. Remember (no disrespect to those that remember) that word evolution, well just like slavery, freedom of speech had to evolve (disrespect to creationists).
There are all sorts of things are considered NOT freedom of speech. For example, if you are looking to purchase something, let’s say a car (no disrespect to bike riders). If the guy (no disrespect to women) selling you the car tells you it can fly, and you believe him, but indeed the car doesn’t fly, that is NOT freedom of speech. That is a complete misrepresentation of the object being sold. As we do in this country (no disrespect to other countries), you have the right to sue the hell out of him for presenting false statements as fact. There is a technical term for it, but I digress.
Here’s a fun one. Say you tell someone something, like “That guy slept with your wife”, and the guy you told kills that other guy. You would then be held liable for inciting that violence. We could argue that the one guy should’ve done some research prior to killing the other guy, but as we know, research is time consuming. And aint nobody got time for that (no disrespect to those who hate catchy catch phrases).
As we can see (no disrespect to those who cannot actually see) freedom of speech is a tricky thing, and often misused (no disrespect to those not misusing it).
Which brings us back to “Politically Correct”, also widely misused, and based on a false understanding of freedom of speech. I blame the internet. And this is a difficult accusation for me to make, mainly because I love the internet (no disrespect to those who hate the internet). The internet allows us the freedom to communicate with people (no disrespect to the cats using the internet (sorry dogs, you’re not doing it right)) all across the globe at an instant. Sadly some of the countries on this planet censor the web (no disrespect to countries censoring the web), mainly because they fear the criticism of their people. Not the good ol’ USA however, our government welcomes the criticism. Hell we base the evolution of our laws on the criticism of the people. And this is what makes us a great country (no disrespect to not so great countries). We can change, and we do change, usually for the right reasons.
The problem is those who attempt to hide behind this false idea of what free speech actually means. It means you can say whatever you’d like as long as it doesn’t incite violence, provide false statements as fact, or simply create hate. Gosh, this seems like a lot of restrictions huh Mr. Bill? Well Capitol Hill will maybe make you a law someday. And that is exactly what happened. Laws were created to prevent people from being taken advantage of based on speech, or to prevent people from using hate speech as free speech.
Being “politically correct” as exampled throughout this collection of words, means to speak in a manner in which you do not offend someone or a group of someone’s. It is being tossed around as if we should feel bad about not wanting to offend someone. And while I agree it is a dick thing to offend someone simply because you want to, I really don’t understand why people actually want to offend someone else. This is where my biggest confusion comes into play. You can disagree and if you do then state why, I would imagine you would be prepared to defend your opinions. But to offend simply because you can, I don’t get it.
Well let me take that back. I do understand it. See it’s easier to attack a person than it is to attack an idea. Here’s a fun term: “ad hominem”. This is what happens every time you see someone upset about Caitlyn Jenner. The most used attack is saying she isn’t courageous, or not as courageous as a military person. Maybe she isn’t carrying an ak-47 across enemy lines, but she is putting herself out in front of the world and saying this is what I am. The world is a pretty harsh place, and it takes some thick skin to get through it. Especially in our media driven world, people like her are spread all over the media, and every so called opinion matters. If she wasn’t already famous, as Bruce Jenner, no one would care. Here’s the reality though, there are thousands of people just like her, they may not be famous, but they are living the same life. With the same feelings she had, the same struggles in society, each with the thought that their voice doesn’t matter.
I don’t understand why we care so much as a society though. I get the whole celebrity thing, but at the end of the day, how is your life affected by her transformation? I wish people would really ask themselves this question more. What part of your life is being destroyed by this woman’s decision?
Finally one more statement on these things. The confederate flag. A huge topic in America right now. Again with the guise of free speech and the attack of politically correct. Somehow we have this group of people who seem to shun history in this country. Not only history, but facts. I saw a meme today with a picture of the confederate flag in the center that stated: “I’d rather be historically accurate than politically correct”. Man this stumped me for a while as I read it over and over.
Finally it clicked. You would rather spout incorrect history and facts mixed with bigotry instead of the truth, and then call it freedom of speech. Because let’s face it, if you are posting a picture of that flag, while making the statement that you would rather be historically accurate than politically correct, you are saying that the history of the south as you know it is filled with hate speech. Right? Because if you were actually being politically correct, you wouldn’t be posting a picture of that flag, because it is indeed offensive. And to call yourself historically accurate, you mean to say you know the history of the south, right? But if you did actually know the history of the south, again you would not be posting a picture of that flag.
I will be the first person to tell you that we as a people are way too sensitive in this country. We do get offended very easily. But it my opinion, we are sensitive about the wrong shit. We are expressing our anger towards the wrong people. Gay people who want to get married, this has zero effect on your life. People who decide they want to be a man instead of a woman, also zero effect on your life. People waving a flag in their yard that you don’t agree with, has zero effect on your life.
That is what makes this country great, we do have the ability to think and do whatever we want, as long as it doesn’t affect the lives of others. The so called war on drugs is the exception to that rule, but that’s another collection of words I haven’t written yet.
Stop posting dumb shit on the internet, stop being offended by things that really have no bearing on your life, and please just do some research before you share.